Strangers across the Border

The Telegraph: “Its main appeal is in its attempts to capture the facts on the ground. And these facts are rather different from the stereotypes that official policies and media reports tend to construct…”

Mail Today: “Reshma Patil’s work on China, in this context, is a significant contribution in modulating Indian opinion on China and to the larger evolution of the bilateral relations…The writing style in this work is unique, unconventional…’’

Business Standard: “Every encounter appears in a vivid and picturesque form, and the topics cover such a wide range that it is hard to quickly think of anything that has been left out…”

The Economist: “A sharp and well-crafted memoir … revealing not only for its detail and anecdote, but also for its broadly damning conclusion about the state of ties between the countries…’’ While India struggles to upgrade its border roads, a futuristic gateway opens from China to Myanmar